Every step of the way, Powell Systems offers you Services that are synonymous with sustainability

Design and Consultancy

Consult with highly qualified BEMS experts to generate the design that can actually deliver your specs—down to the last detail. Powell Systems recognise that every building is different, and that your requirements are unique to your building. We also believe generic or ‘cookie cutter’ solutions usually fail to deliver in the long run.

At Powell Systems we work with you to provide the better answers. Our seasoned team has the level of experience you need: we stay updated on current knowhow and relevant legislation, to apply the appropriate real-world solutions to your real-world concerns. Bring your BMS design challenges to Powell Systems and let the right team set you on the right path.


Call on recognised experts for your Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) needs. Powell Systems can design and install the latest BEMS technology into new construction projects or standing structures. We can also retrofit older structures to upgrade and replace their ageing, less effective systems, using unobstrusive technology to preserve the original character of the structure.

With expertise gained over decades of experience, and having partnered with the best hardware and software specialists in the building controls industry, a Powell Systems-engineered BEMS gives the best performance and value for your budget. We work with our clients to design and install solutions tailored to their needs, with little to no downtime affecting operations. Contact us to find out how our team of experts can help you.


When you need to switch on your lighting project, it makes sense to engage a BEMS company to design and commission the lighting controls. With decades of experience integrating lighting control systems into BEMS projects, we have amassed a wealth of expertise, which we have used to advantage in several stand-alone projects to date. 

Whether it’s for an existing space or even for a new construction, we can deliver a regime that integrates your lighting controls into the BMS and ensure lighting and other services all work in harmony. We take redundancy of controls and fittings into account and either reduce or eliminate them. This results in cost savings and a shorter commissioning time for your project. For top-tier lighting control design all the way to commissioning, get in touch with Powell Systems before flicking the switch.


Regular, proactive maintenance is the key to achieving an optimum Return On Investment from your Building Energy Management System, Powell Systems can maintain and service BEMS hardware and software that we installed, or existing energy management and control systems in older buildings. Many buildings are fitted with a BEMS, but since most of them are not properly maintained, they do not deliver the performance expected of them.

Preventative maintenance keeps your building’s BMS operating in prime condition and delivering optimum performance at all times.  With several packages and options to choose from, Powell can provide ongoing maintenance services to fit your budget. Get in touch with us for more details. 

System Auditing

Attaining higher efficiencies in the utilisation of power, heating, lighting and ventilation will help a building achieve its true potential for savings. To building owners and operators, further reducing emissions and energy consumption impacts positively on their cost/savings structure and expense budgets.

To evaluate the current effectiveness of your BEMS, Powell Systems can conduct a detailed and thorough evaluation of your existing Building Energy Management System. Using the latest system technology and diagnostic equipment, we can provide a detailed assessment, pinpointing areas where energy—and money—can be saved.  With expertise gained over years of experience, the audit processes that we have developed and fine-tuned over the years are concise, focused and thoroughly comprehensive.

Support 24-7-365

Have the assurance of a guaranteed BEMS support package to suit your business needs. Knowing that an engineer familiar with your system, your processes and your security will respond, helps relieve the stress of your business-critical operations. 

Technical and operational support for your Building Energy Management System can be provided by Powell Systems, under a range of programmes available for clients to choose from. There are also support programme choices that apply to existing structures equipped with a BEMS that we did not install. Our emergency cover is a comprehensive package that includes round-the-clock support availability, with a qualified duty engineer who can either remotely access your BEMS or undertake a site visit.