Choose a Powell Systems BEMS to fine-tune your building’s controls for sustainability, and maximise return on investment

All of our BEMS service packages are optimally configured to reduce your carbon footprint by decreasing energy consumption, operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions

The comfort and welfare of the occupants is a major driver of investment in your building. And whether you’re the owner or the design specialist, you’d be looking not just to maximise the return on your investment (ROI), but also to optimise the year-after-year operating cost over the long term. You would also be looking to improve the built environment to enhance the productivity of your staff or tenants.

In terms of longevity, your building will need control systems capable of nimble and flexible performance, allowing you to compete in today’s market and meet tomorrow’s challenges. To achieve this, you would have to balance cost equations involving design, installation, maintenance and day-to-day operations against what technology is currently available, the provisions for future-proofing or even a change of purpose of the building.

The Powell Systems team will work with you to design, deliver, and install solutions that best fit your requirements, whether it be a new build or a retrofit, operations or maintenance. Our partnering with industry leaders Trend, Centraline, Cylon, Distech Controls, Schneider Electric, Sauter and EasyIO means we can bring field-proven solutions to your challenges.

Our design considerations include the functional control, understandable interfaces, carbon/energy/environmental management, and of course the latest concerns in a post-pandemic world:

  • Integration of systems to ensure all the components work together as intended
  • Addressing aerial pathogens for indoor air quality
  • On-board data analytics and machine learning, for the BMS to monitor usage and autonomously improve the indoor environment
  • Integrating alternative green energy strategies to reduce dependency on the electricity grid and enable operating off-grid.

A Powell Systems BEMS will work continuously as a silent partner to achieve the best ROI without unnecessarily increasing carbon and greenhouse gas emissions. This allows us to support you in reducing energy costs while using renewable sources where possible, to meet your sustainable energy objectives.

All good reasons to choose Powell Systems as your BEMS partner; contact us to find out more.

Sustainability is a team pursuit; that’s why we work with you, not just for you.