Powell Systems BEMS chosen for McDonald’s UK first ‘net-zero’ carbon restaurant

Sustainable buildings need a cutting-edge nerve centre that will grow with your business and your carbon reduction goals: would you like a Powell BEMS with that?

Powell Systems proven expertise in integrating building controls has once again been called on by McDonald’s. This time, Powell’s was tasked to design and install the BEMS that would unify the separate systems and services in their brand new ‘net zero’ carbon emissions restaurant in Market Drayton, Shropshire. Cutting-edge technologies are in place for heat recovery and lighting management at this flagship site, as well as roof-mounted solar panels, two wind turbine towers and EV chargers in the car park.

The command and control of all these components emanate from a BEMS provided by Powell Systems. Using Trend controls to integrate the various systems, this BEMS autonomously administers the entire complex to ensure that recycled energy is used, prime energy is minimised, and the systems are orchestrated so that the resultant levels are within the parameters required to maintain ‘net zero’.

Aside from McDonald’s, several other companies and institutions rely on Powell’s proficiency in the BEMS space. The Powell BEMS installed in their buildings manage energy use to achieve their sustainability objectives without sacrificing cost efficiencies.

Find out more about Powell Systems net-zero and sustainability options for your building, email us at admin@powell-systems.co.uk