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Trend BEMS saves Matrix House £160,000 a year

24 July 2014

At Matrix House in Basingstoke, a Trend Building Energy Management System (BEMS) installed in 2003 has cut the building’s energy use by 18% - saving almost 1 million kWh of electricity and reducing its energy bills by £160,000 every year.

Appointed to improve the office complex’s efficiency and make long term cost savings, Powell Systems Engineering replaced the defunct BEMS with a high performance Trend system. Offering enhanced energy efficiency, financial savings and comfort levels - the installation delivered a return on investment in just 14 months.

“The differences that the system has made to the operation and comfort conditions in the building are incredible, as is the amount of money we have saved,” said Graham Savage, Facilities Manager at Matrix House. “Also, because we consider the BEMS to be a work in progress, we can expect further savings in the future.”

Following the successful installation, Powell was re-appointed in 2009 to replace the system’s TASC Drives and motor control centre (MCC) panel. Completed on time, on budget and with minimal disruption to the building’s 600 occupants, the updated BEMS system helped to deliver even better performance and results.

“Almost 1 million kWh of electricity has been saved per year, which provides £80,000 worth of additional savings on top of the £80,000 saved as a result of the initial installation,” said Wayne Miles, Sales Director at Powell Systems. “When it comes to annual carbon emissions the figure stands at just 1,900 tonnes of CO2 which for a building of this size and use is outstanding.”

Powell Systems has been a Trend Partner for over 20 years and is now an IQ Assured Partner, which means the company is regularly audited to ensure it is maintaining defined high standards of workmanship and quality control.

“As well as being robust and reliable, Trend products are also incredibly flexible,” Wayne added. “This means that whatever environment we have to install a BEMS in, we can configure it to meet the customer’s exact needs.”

With energy costs always on the rise, energy management must be taken seriously to keep energy costs and use to a minimum. Offering full planned preventative maintenance support with regular scheduled visits, Powell ensures that BEMS are fully optimised and maintained to deliver exceptional performance every time.