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Setting up for success

15 August 2013

Building owners and facilities managers can save a fortune on energy bills whilst reducing their environmental impact – with a high quality building energy management and control system (BEMS). However, for a BEMS that delivers truly effective energy management, it must be designed and set up correctly by a company you can trust.

As specialists in the design, installation and maintenance of BEMS, Powell Systems can supply a system which optimises a building’s performance, reduces energy costs and deliver years of virtually maintenance free performance.

Buildings account for between 30-40% of the world’s CO2 emissions and can cost a fortune to heat, cool and ventilate. With a Powell BEMS system, building owners and managers will not only reduce their environmental impact and energy bills, but can also enjoy a range of benefits that include:

· reduced energy consumption

· lower plant maintenance costs

· reduced emissions

· consistently comfortable conditions

· added value

With over 70 years of technical experience within the industry, Powell has the expertise and ability to take any BEMs and lighting control system from design to completion. As part of the company’s turnkey package, clients receive the best service possible – from design through to build and installation.

By getting the job right first time, Powell exceeds expectations and tailors products and services to meet every client’s individual requirements – with a cost-effective solution from a company with a proven reputation for long term performance and reliability.