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Profit from energy savings

24 July 2013

As energy costs and tax on carbon emissions continue to rise, an efficient and reliable building control system becomes even more important. And the money spent on maintaining and refurbishing these control systems could prove to be a very wise investment.

Working with clients to identify where they are wasting energy and where they can make significant savings, Powell Systems offers a range of support, training and maintenance services that can cut energy consumption, reduce carbon emissions and shrink your energy bills.

Wasting energy and money with inefficient building services can be a thing of the past with an on-going and efficient maintenance programme. When purchasing heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting systems – it’s crucial that maintenance is also a major consideration.

Once a control system has been installed and configured, it can operate for years with little maintenance. However, in some cases hardware may fail, software can change and the control system gradually varies from its original performance. A high quality control system benefits from regular maintenance of equipment and considered software and data management.

Powell offers not only expertise in maintaining your equipment, but advice and guidance on how to maximise efficiency with your existing systems. For example, try not to overheat or overcool your building. If it’s 28 degrees outside then don’t set temperature to much less than that because you will only have to heat it up again.

On-going monitoring and systems management enable tighter control of buildings’ internal conditions, identifying and eliminating areas of unnecessary consumption and improving occupant comfort. By delivering the right maintenance at the right times, defects can be prevented and systems can be kept in optimum condition.