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Increase efficiency quick as a flush

24 July 2013

Natural ventilation and cooling systems combine intelligent building design, ambient climatic conditions and natural air movement to provide fresh air and comfortable conditions without mechanical heating or air conditioning systems.

Night-time flushing or purging sees windows and other passive ventilation openings closed during the day but open at night. Warm air is flushed out of the building and thermal mass is cooled ready for the next day – providing a comfortable working environment and saving energy and money.

Night-time flushing is ideal in areas with a high temperature range, when the daytime air temperature is too hot to cool the building but night air is too cold. To ensure internal occupants’ safety, flushing can only be implemented in buildings with no night occupancy.

The benefits of night-time flushing include:

· reduced daytime mechanical air-conditioning load

· optimised performance of the thermal mass of the building

· greater sensibility to and connection with natural cycles

Whether manual or automated, night-time flushing ensures the continual movement of air and can reduce the average daytime temperature inside the building by as much as 3°. Without using any electrical cooling or ventilation equipment, flushing or purging your building can deliver an attractive, productive and comfortable working environment – without any additional costs.