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Get an energy audit and save

10 July 2013

Did you know that 21 per cent of small businesses in the UK have no energy efficiency measures in place? Or that half of the energy used by British business is wasted when employees aren’t at work? Following the recent Government announcement that businesses will be paid to reduce energy use during periods of peak power – there’s no better time to take advantage of an energy audit.

Powell Systems Engineering’s energy audits and sustainable solutions can massively reduce your energy waste. Using cutting edge technologies and equipment to optimise and automate systems – Powell can help businesses of all sizes to reduce energy consumption, carbon emissions and cut their energy bills.

It makes sense for businesses to save energy as electricity, gas and water costs make a huge difference to their bottom line. However, as they don’t immediately see how much energy they are using, and what it is costing, they will often not act upon it. But it is crucial that businesses take a closer look at their energy costs and find out what areas are using the most energy.

The energy audit – conducted by Powell’s energy experts – provides a comprehensive review of the way a building or facility is being used by its business. Using the information, Powell will identify opportunities and potential areas where energy savings, and the subsequent cost savings, can be made.

Following the site survey, which includes detailed information about the control and use of building services, Powell creates and provides a report that details any modifications made, issues on site, suggested additions or changes and expected energy savings.

An energy audit from Powell Systems Engineering offers businesses the opportunity to implement and maintain various energy efficient procedures and systems to not only realise their corporate responsibility to the environment and future generations, but also make huge savings in the process.

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